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I design and build elegant made-to-measure hand-painted window benches featuring push-to-open drawers. These units double as excellent seating and innovative storage solutions and are a perfect addition to your home.

I install window benches for all kinds of bay window setups.

For bespoke window benches with push-to-open drawers, contact Interiorsfix

Oriel Windows

I design and install bespoke bay window benches for oriel windows.


These benches are made to fit the unique curvature of your oriel window, making it a great addition to your home.

For unique oriel window benches, contact Interiorsfix

Canted Bay Windows

I also design window benches for canted bay windows.


These windows typically have a flat front with angled sides and are typically found on the ground level of buildings.

For professional canted bay window bench installation, contact Interiorsfix

Circle Bay Windows

I design circle bay window benches with built-in storage units.

I take great care when installing circle bay window benches to ensure the ornamental details are not damaged or modified by the new window bench.

For professional circle bay window bench installation, contact Interiorsfix

Window Benches FAQ

Where can I install window benches?

Window benches can be installed in bay window seating types such as canted bay windows, oriel windows and circle bay windows.

Where can I find window benches near me?

Interiorsfix installs window benches for customers throughout North Dublin.

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