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As well as my bespoke and custom-built carpentry services, Interiorsfix provides a versatile range of general carpentry services that are sure to fix all kinds of problems in your home.


I provide reasonable rates for all of my services and promise to complete all jobs within a reasonable turnaround time.

For professional general carpentry services, contact Interiorsfix

Wall Cladding

I provide a range of wall cladding services that look great and are highly durable.


Wall cladding helps make your wall look like a different material, letting it standout as a unique piece of décor in your home.

For reliably installed wall cladding, contact Interiorsfix

Flooring Installation

As well as laminate flooring, I have years of experience with all kinds of flooring installation.

This includes all kinds of wooden flooring as well as other materials.

For flooring installation services, contact Interiorsfix

Drywall Installation

Interiorsfix provides professional drywall installation services for homes throughout North Dublin.


Drywall installation can be a time-consuming and difficult task, but I am ready to install it for a reasonable price and low turnaround time.

For excellent drywall installation services, contact Interiorsfix

General Carpentry FAQ

Where can I find flooring companies near me?

Interiorsfix provides flooring installation services to customers throughout North Dublin.

What kinds of general carpentry services are available?

My general carpentry services includes drywall installation, flooring installation and more.

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