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I am a trained cabinet maker with years of experience making custom-built wardrobes and cabinets.


These custom-built cabinets are made to your specifications and can be installed in any room of your home.

For unique custom built wardrobes and cabinets, contact Interiorsfix

Wardrobe Corner Shelf

I tailor our custom-built wardrobes to your needs, such as installing a wardrobe corner shelf.


Wardrobe corner shelves allow you to expand the potential of your wardrobe, prompting new unique storage solutions in the form of additional shelving units made to a high standard.

For high-quality wardrobes with corner shelves, contact Interiorsfix

Built-In Wardrobe Cost

When it comes to custom-built wardrobes and cabinets, I aim to give you the most reasonable price possible.


When calculating built-in wardrobe costs, I take into account the material used, the size of the wardrobe and various other costs. I promise to give you the best deal possible.

For reasonable built-in wardrobe costs contact Interiorsfix

Custom Built Wardrobes & Cabinets FAQ

What is the cost of a built-in wardrobe?

The cost of a built-in wardrobe depends on the materials used and other costs, but I promise to give you a fair deal on all jobs.

What kinds of custom built wardrobes and cabinets do you provide?

I provide custom built wardrobes with features such as wardrobe corner shelves.

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