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Splashback tiling is an ideal option for areas in your home with large amounts of water, such as your kitchen.


They are a perfect aesthetic option while also being able to stand up to water splashes and high temperature.

For professional splashback tiling services, contact Interiorsfix

Kitchen Splashback Tiling

Interiorsfix offers professional and reliable kitchen splashback tiling installation services. I offer a reasonable turnaround time and cost for my services, and all of my splashback tilings are built to last.


I offer a selection of splashback tiling options, including mirror kitchen splashbacks.

For professional kitchen splashback tiling installation services, contact Interiorsfix

Bathroom Splashback

While splashback tiling is ideal for kitchens, it can also be used in other areas in your home with lots of water, such as a bathroom.


Interiorsfix provides bathroom splashback tile installation that is water-resistant and can withstand high temperatures.

For bathroom splashback installation services,contact Interiorsfix

Splashback Tiling FAQ

Where can I get splashback tiling near me?

Interiorsfix provides splashback tiling installation services to customers in North Dublin.

Where should I get splashback tiling installed?

You can get splashback tiling installed in your kitchen or your bathroom.

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