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I provide wall panelling and interior cladding built to a high standard for residential and commercial spaces.


I offer a range of traditional and classic options for every style and taste, and all of my panelling and cladding is made from high-quality materials.

For a wide range of wall panelling and interior cladding options, contact Interiorsfix

Wooden Wall Panels

I use high-quality and professionally made wooden wall panels.


These wall panels are made from sustainably sourced wood and can be used in multiple rooms throughout your building.

For professionally made wooden wall panels, contact Interiorsfix

Bathroom Wall Panels

I install high-quality wall panels for various rooms throughout your building, including bathroom wall panels.


My bathroom wall panels are made to last, with highly durable materials that can stand up to steam, temperature changes and water.

For high quality bathroom wall panels, contact Interiorsfix

Feature Walls

As well as wall panelling and cladding, I also provide the installation of bespoke feature walls.


Examples of feature wall installations include panelled murals, mirror decorations, unique wallpaper spaces and more.

Wall Panelling & Interior Cladding FAQ

Where can I find bathroom wall panelling near me?

Interiorsfix offers bathroom wall panelling for customers in North Dublin.

What kinds of feature walls do you install?

I install unique feature walls such as panelled murals and more.

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