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At Interiorsfix, I design and install slatted shelving units.


These units are versatile and be used as either unique storage solutions or eye-catching display shelving.

For versatile slatted shelving units, contact Interiorsfix

Slatted Shelves for Airing Cupboard

I can design and manufacture slatted shelves for all kinds of furniture, including airing cupboards.


Interiorsfix has years of experience with installing slatted shelves for airing cupboards, using only the highest quality materials and completing all jobs within a reasonable turnaround time.

For airing cupboard slatted shelves installation services, contact Interiorsfix

Slatted Shelf Materials

When designing and installing slatted shelves, I use a variety of materials based on your needs.


Previous kinds of slatted shelves I have installed include wooden slatted shelves and acrylic slatwall shelves.

For slatted shelves made using all kinds of materials, contact Interiorsfix

Slatted Shelving FAQ

What is the cost of a slatted shelving unit?

A slatted shelving unit depends on the materials used and the size of the unit, but I promise to give you a reasonable price for all of my work.

What kinds of slatted shelving units do you install?

My slatted shelving units include slatted shelves for airing cupboards and wooden slatted shelves.

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